The first videogame about the Orange Battle in Ivrea!

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The Game

Orange Battle is an arcade shooting game in the third person.

Pull the orange throwers on the bandwagon and avoid being hit: The Carnival of Ivrea!
The video game reproduces the battle of the oranges of the Historic Carnival of Ivrea. After choosing a team among the nine teams of orange throwers on foot, the player can start fighting against the orange throwers in the carts that parade in 52 levels of increasing difficulty. In addition to playing to achieve the record staff, the players every game will contribute to the total score of their team. Each team will have as setting their own square. The play by the rules of the Carnival of Ivrea: Do not pull the oranges into horses and driver leading the horses!
Designed, developed and illustrated by C3Studio but especially by a team of passionate orange throwers of Carnival of Ivrea.

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Characters Carnival

What is Carnival of Ivrea

The spirit of Carnival lives through the re-enactment of the city’s liberation from tyranny dating back to Medieval times: a baron who starved the city was driven away thanks to a miller’s daughter who rebelled against the “ jus primae noctis” and roused the people to revolt. In this commemoration every year the new version of the Carnival is celebrated as Festival involving the whole town, during which the community of Ivrea can show its self-determination.

The heroine of Carnival is the Miller’s daughter (Mugnaia), and at her side the General (Generale), who since the early 1800s has had the task of assuring the smooth running of the event, along with his Napoleonic General Staff ( Stato Maggiore), composed of brave officers (Ufficiali) on horseback and pretty sutlers (Vivandiere) .

In the battle the people, represented by orange throwers on foot without any protection, pelt oranges at the feudal lord’s army, personified by others throwing oranges from horse-drawn carts, who wear protective masks reminiscent of ancient armour.


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