Orange Battle Ivrea – English – Orange Battle Game

Orange Battle recreates the ritual of Orange Battle Ivrea, or the Carnival of Ivrea. The game recreates the locations of the Civic Party, from the squares, the place of the launch of the oranges to the choice of your character.

During the ritual the community celebrates its self-determination, recalling an episode of liberation from tyranny which dates back to the Middle Ages.

The legend of a certain Violetta, young daughter of a miller of the city, promised in marriage with Toniotto, dragged in the “Castellazzo” here and forced to indulge in the evil tyrant, also they decided to demand the law ius primae noctis.
Historically, the tyrant would be identified Ranieri of Biandrate, son of Count Guido III of the land owner on the finish of the twelfth century, but also with the figure of the Marquis Guglielmo VII of Monferrato, Ivrea master in a relatively short period (1266-1272) ; some documents of that time testify to the despair of the people for the salt gabelles on the production of food and flour.

The legend of the miller’s wife Violetta, novella Judith, ends when manages to intoxicate the tyrant, and then cut off his head during sleep, thus starting – as recite the words of the song of the Carnival – the popular uprising and the killing of the same manor the tyrant.

Orange Battle Ivrea: a character

Orange Battle Ivrea: a character.