Orange Battle Game

The Orange Battle Game is a shooting arcade game in 3rd person. The game reproduces the Historic Carnival of Ivrea and the battle of the oranges.

You can choose to walk or pull like arancere arancere on by jet chariot, which are pulled by horses and can be padriglie or quadrilles.

After choosing the team of nine of orange throwers on foot or in one of the 54 wagons from cast, the player will fight against the orange thrower opponents in 52 different difficulty levels. Each team will have as setting their own square. In addition to playing to achieve the record, the players every game will contribute to the total score of their team.

You will monitor his character, in the shoes of the chosen team, guiding one round after another to deal with the chariot from jet that you pareranno against. Before you start playing you need to make a record to the database that will allow the user to save the history of its progress and then display the classi fi cation of the results achieved by the various teams.

In orange battle you can customize your character to make it as similar as possible to yourself or to increase its power in combat or make it more aggressive thanks to gadgets purchased with fantamonete that procurerai you fighting.

Orange Battle respects, exactly, the rules of the Carnival of Ivrea: do not pull the oranges to the horses, the carter, to historical figures and viewers with the Phrygian cap (red)!