Gadgets Orange Battle Originals

We have created some original gadgets inspired by the traditional characters of the Historic Carnival of Ivrea and in our Orange Battle videogame.

Using the personalities of the traditional parade Ivrea we made pins, magnets, key chains and bottle openers. Everyone has different sizes to choose from and also three different backgrounds: white, orange and white-orange.

It can also, buy the earrings, there are all the colors of orange thrower teams on the ground to choose from, in order to remove the colors of their team.

Among the many gadgets there is the possibility of wearing the original clothing of Orange Battle, you can choose from three types of T-shirts with all the characters of the Historic Carnival of Ivrea and a light jacket “type” K-way with the Carnival of Ivrea the orange face on the front and the battle of oranges in the back.

You can choose from an extensive list of promotional packages, which have inside our gadgets, in practical and elegant gift boxes-shiny and plastic-coated!



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